Rugged & Embeded
EWT currently work with various partners to address various market segments as below:
Industrial & Rugged IPC, display, panel PC, Box Computer, Note Books etc.
Industrial & Rugged Power Supply on VME,...
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Industrial Automation
Rugged and Commercial Off the Shelf Digital Mass Flow Controller and Meters with
standard and Customized interface software to host machine and flow related instruments.
High-performance automation solutions ......
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Scientific Research
Lock-In Amplifiers: Multichannel Dual Phase DSP Lock-in Amplifier, The first and only multiple input Dual Phase DSP Lock-in Amplifier. Each unit can be configured with multiples of 4 inputs up to 32 inputs.....
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Electrowing Technologies
EWT (Electrowing Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is Head Quartered in Bangalore the Silicon City of
INDIA was incorporated and founded by a group of highly qualified technocrats with strong
technical skills in the Year 2014.
The management has hands on experience about 10 years in the fields of design development andproviding sales / distribution services with value added technical support and integration services
With Commercially Off The Self( COTS based ) includes various form factor boards (VME, VPX
Complete platform level solutions to suit customer requirements.
One Source for all Embedded System Solutions Device Programming Tools ARM,MIPS, POWERPC, X86 Based Developer Tool Suites and Development Boards(EVM,SDK, SBC etc.,)
Telecom Networking / Medical / Data Acquisition/Flow Meters/Flow Controllers/Pressure Controllers &Control boards and Systems
And many more …
Renewable Energy
Production is a process of combining various material inputs and immaterial inputs (plans, know-how) in order to make something for consumption (the output). It is the act of creating output, a good or service which has
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Mission & Vision
Electrowing Technologies has the vision to be world's leading supplier of technology and solutions, helping our customers to succeed in their missions through innovation, knowledge and support.     
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